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Celebrating your business birthday with picovico

Of the many milestones we pass in our life, birthdays are the most popular and most easy mediums of keeping track of them. You have seen numerous birthdays in your life; all celebrating the life, the year, the achievements and looking forward to the opportunities and possibilities in the year to come. Most of these birthday celebrations must have been of people and we have discussed a lot about the…

belated birthday wishes

Creative ways to wish Belated Birthday to your Loved Ones

Missed someone’s birthday lately? A close friend? Girl friend? (Ooh! That’s not gonna go well). Anyway, it’s not completely out of ordinary to forget making birthday wishes. We are busy people in the busy world, but that’s not enough of an excuse, and you’ll still have to make it up to the birthday person (if you care about maintaining your relationship with that person). And that’s exactly where we come…