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anniversary gifts for her

5 Special Anniversary Gifts for Her

She listens to your everyday complaints about how terrible your day was, and she is always there to comfort you and laugh with you. If you have such special woman in your life, she definitely deserves the best of anniversary gifts. In today’s materialistic world, there is a vast array to choose from. Remember, it’s not just about giving conventional anniversary gifts. Think of it as a day to woo…


How to Create 50th Anniversary Video

I remember how my grandma used to love going over photo albums. Once or twice, she would also get teary eyed looking back at her young self. Other times, she would laugh uncontrollably looking at my baby pictures. That’s exactly where I got the idea to make anniversary videos for gifts. Hardly anyone collects photos on photo albums or scrap books anymore. If you do have old photos from your…


Top 5 Video Ideas to make your Anniversary Special

You have finally decided to create an anniversary video this year. That’s certainly a wonderful gift. While most anniversary gift tray includes expensive gemstones or other materials, videos can be an amazing way to personalize the anniversary gift. And the beauty of it is you can make an anniversary video gift for anyone, whether it’s for your own anniversary or your family and/or friends. Plus, it doesn’t matter whether it’s…