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Sqaure & vertical videos in Picovico

As you’re well aware, we have been hard at work with upgrading and adding new features on Picovico. With our launch of Picovico 3.0 (See Here), we promised that we would be adding alot more in the coming months.

A month later, BAAAM!! We’ve just launched brand new video features.

Picovico is already among the high-end video making applications online, but something we didn’t have till now was the Square and Portrait videos.

These are the mobile friendly videos with the ratio of 1:1 (square), 4:3 (standard), and 16:9 (portrait). These format of videos have been popular on social media off late especially on Facebook and Instagram.

Square/Portrait videos isn’t simply an attractive feat either. Immense amount of research has been put into the value return prospect of launching these new video formats.

Why Square Videos?

Square videos are growing to be the new standard. Facebook and Instagram seems to be entirely dominated with these new video formats and there are good reasons to it too.

Rapid increase of mobile consumption of social media has been the major reason for increase in use of square videos. 92% of Facebook users (1.09 billion) use Facebook on mobile so all the contents published on Facebook has to be curated for mobile users.

Over the years Facebook has proven to be a reliable platform to share videos on, whether that is a personal video or an advertisement video. With the potential reach of over 1 billion facebook population, it’s logical that businesses and advertisers are also paying serious attention to Facebook for video marketing. Platforms like Vimeo and Youtube aren’t dead of course, but they are ideally suited for the use of landscape (16:9) videos.

Curating video content for social media/mobile has been the major reason behind trending square videos and it makes perfect sense too. Square videos cover 78% more space than landscape videos.

This means users can show more content in their videos. 78% more to be precise. It’s pretty obvious why advertisers are now choosing to use square format videos to advertise their content on social media.

In an experiment conducted by bufferapp, square videos resulted in 30-35% higher video views and 80 – 100% increase in engagement compared to landscape videos. This goes to show that video format plays a huge role, regardless of the content.

Vertical (Portrait) Videos

Vertical videos are full length mobile videos that lets the users watch the video as they held their phone in the normal position. People take these portrait videos with their phone and share them across various social media platforms.

Portrait videos are mainly used for personal uses. Photos and video clips taken in the portrait format can be now compiled into a single video with picovico.

Square Videos and Vertical on Picovico

So, you get to experience all the benefits of using square videos to display your content with Picovico. And we aren’t charging anything extra either. Both square and vertical videos are available as a plus on the existing plans.

Make the advertisement video for your brand today using Picovico.

Note: Square and Vertical videos aren’t fit on all the video themes we have in our arsenal at the moment. So, we have made the video formats available for 5 themes: (Frameless, Bokeh, Bokeh lights, Cool Vibes, Vanilla).

Video content is now widely accepted to be the best way to reach your audience. At the same time, social media content consumption is moving almost exclusively to mobile. Given this dramatic shift from desktop to mobile, businesses can thrive in 2017 and beyond by posting video content optimized for the mobile user. – Source: Bufferapp

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