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Ho Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas everyone.

spread joy with christmas videos

I, for one, love Christmas. Plenty of food on the table, loving people (despite the disagreements) under one roof, and there is just so much positivity all around. Christmas isn’t as amazing as it used to be when we believed in Santa and got awesome presents. But, recently I have been feeling that Christmas has actually got better. Realizing that it’s the people in our lives that are more important than presents definitely allows us to experience holidays better.

And all hail technology. The extensive number of photos we take might not make any immediate sense, but, down the line, looking back at the memory lane through those photos definitely makes us joyous.

So, have your Christmas party, be Santa, eat a lot, have a laugh, and take loads and loads of pictures. These stills from the camera is the only way to relive the past memories. And you should definitely share these photos with your loved ones, or the world too if that’s what you want.

That is why Picovico is the very best platform to do so. Create a Christmas video with nothing but photos you have taken and spread joy through your videos.

How to Create your Christmas Video?

It’s unbelievably simple. All you need is photos you might have taken from either your smartphone or camera.

Then, you can simply log onto our web application Picovico.

Put your images together seamlessly by simply uploading the in your picovico account. Put some captions, choose music, and that’s it. Your video will be ready within matter of minutes.

For detailed instruction, follow this link.

What kind of Christmas Videos should I create?

Most people get stuck on the kind of videos they want to create rather than simply putting together a bunch of photos to create a slideshow video.

Here are some ideas.

Party Recap

After your Christmas party, you can put together just the party photos you have clicked, and make them into the video. While this will creating a lasting memory of your Christmas party, it will also be easier to share a single video rather than share 100 different photos with everyone in your party.

Family Group Photos

Almost everyone takes at least one group family photo every year. Now, what you can do is put together all those photos into a slideshow video. We all change a little every year, whether it’s just a hairstyle or weight. And, sometimes we lose or gain someone new in our family. In the years to come, the video will definitely bring back some happy memories.

How’s that for a couple of hints. Can you think of some of your own ideas? Do let us know in the comments below.

What are the best video styles for Christmas videos?

If you’ve logged into our website, you’ll see that we have a vast selection of video styles for you to browse from.

But, to get that real christmas-y feeling, you’ll have to choose wisely.

Some of the christmas themed video styles we have in our collection are


Merry Christmas

Christmas Snowfall

Holiday Joys


Now you know how to create christmas videos. You know what sort of ideas to look into and the video styles to use. All you gotta do now is put in little effort and time to create a christmas video that’ll last an eternity.

We offer premium and pro packages for those who want advanced video making features. Happy video making every one.

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