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Thousands of pictures are stored in your PC’s hard drive that you took on your last trip to cherish those beautiful moments again in the future.  

travel slideshow maker- Picovico

But do you really get to do that? Somehow, the pictures are not there – you might have deleted or changed your device and now they are gone :(. Organizing those numerous pictures may really be challenging at times.

How about creating slideshow videos out of those pictures? Collect all your pictures and make a video to add them to your travel diaries. This could also be a best way to avoid the hassle of going through each picture repeatedly.

Here are few tips on how you can create beautiful travel slideshow videos from your pictures.

1. Selection of a tool

You can prepare slideshow videos using various tool. There are applications and software ranging from simple to complex in terms of its usability and cost ranges. Windows movie maker, iMovie are some basic applications to create videos manually. But for beginners, who don’t have much of skills and time, you can always use web tools that allows you to create videos effortlessly. Meaning, all you have to do is select a theme, upload pictures, make basic arrangements and you’re done. Picovico – an easy slideshow maker, is one of such tools that allows you to create slideshow videos instantly.

2. Selecting Pictures

Selecting pictures could be a little tricky at times. You wish to include all the places you have been, the peoples you met, the food you ate or anything that caught your eye and felt like taking a picture of it. But if you wish to share it among your friends and family, it is better to keep your video short. The ideal slideshow video length is considered to be of 2 to 3 minutes, so make it simple and concise.

3. Make it Authentic

What really makes travelling memorable is the experience you have had throughout the journey. But travelling may not always be only about happy moments. You might have your purse stolen, lost your passport, or maybe you got lost. Try to comprise of these moments as they add up to make the overall experience of travelling.

4. Selecting music

Music makes your video livelier and cheerful. You may want to select music that adds to your journey and cut the monotony. The choice of music have a great impact on video as inappropriate music may divert the audience away. It’s better to use music that represents the place you visited.

You can find many license free music for your video in YouTube Audio Library.

Besides these, ponder upon the transitions between slides and also the quality of the video. Slideshow videos are effective tool of storytelling, so you can also include various text slides to describe your story to the audience.

Check out the sample travel video made using Picovico below:

Create your own travel video

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