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Holidays have always been the best time for sellers to roll in more customers. But just like everything else in running a business, you cannot ignore telling people about your products. That is where the importance of slideshow video comes in.

holiday video slideshow maker

A study from Google consumer says, 32% of shoppers plan to use online video more this year for holiday purchases. And this year, people in the U.S. are spending nearly twice as much time watching fashion and apparel shopping videos over the last year. The power of incorporating video in a website for sellers has become undeniable. People vastly prefer watching over reading. StacksAndStacks reported that visitors were 144% more likely to purchase after seeing a product video. The effectiveness of video on every product page that tells product story is quite hard to ignore. Check out the following sample video:

Why slideshow videos?

Making videos are always challenging and cost thousands of dollars with hefty time commitments. Slideshow is a new way of lightweight video that portrays your brand/product story. Slideshows allow you to tap into the power of video that can be viewed on low bandwidth connection along with:

  • Low production cost
  • Easy creation
  • Less consumption of production time
  • No need of heavy native software

Moreover, ecommerce website has the trend of displaying images only. Adding a slideshow video with background music to the product elicit emotional response from the customer as it adds realism to the product. Slideshows are even able to trigger an emotional response within the first few moments increasing the chance of the product being purchased. With holiday season rapidly approaching, how have you been planning to make the most out of this holidays? Try making some awesome slideshows for free with Picovico.

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