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We live in an extremely competitive business environment. To survive the competition, we need to give constant effort to differentiate our business from our competitors. As real estate professionals, it takes more than just a website and few social networks to stand out and create a brand value in the market. You need to be able to emotionally connect your potential customers with your property. And, what could be the best way other than creating a video?

real estate video maker

Real estate videos are extremely powerful tool. While real estate photos show you one side of the property, videos can give the potential buyers the required insights as well as help create an emotional connection with the home.

Here we’ve put together 4 things that you need to consider while creating videos to stand out your real estate business from the competitors.

1. Selection of tool:

Real estate video production is a very critical task. Create a professional real estate video that would be exciting to watch. Do not confuse yourself with complicated editors. Just start with simple slideshow video maker like Picovico. Select a video style that fits your brand and get your desired real estate video ready in no time.

2. Focus on the unique features of your property:

To stand out from the crowd, you need to show what makes you different. As real estate professionals, you need to select those features on your property which differentiate you from your competitors and give focus on them while shooting for the video. Make sure to shoot your photos from different angles to give features a better perspective.

Check out Picovico’s focus style to bring differentiating features into focus.

3. Keep your videos short:

Since viewers have short attention spans, make sure to keep your videos short as well. Potential clients are more likely to watch videos under a minute than 5 minutes videos. At the longest, don’t exceed your video length more than 2 minutes.

4. Final touch ups:

Add a call to action in your video to let your audience take the next step after they’ve watched your video. To learn more, read our blog post on Why CTA button and how to add it?

Without a doubt, real estate video is one of the great ways to appeal to the emotional aspect that is must in every transaction. Have you been using videos to promote your real estate business? If yes, you’re doing it right. If no, get into it now.

Create your real estate video today!

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