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“Video will be a core part”, says the company announcing the launch of video ads.

Promoted Videos on Pinterest

Watching videos isn’t the major activity for Pinterest users at the moment, where users mostly post images and other contents like recipes.

But that should slowly change as Pinterest reported that there have been 60% increase in videos on the platform in the last year alone. Videos related to home projects, beauty techniques, and workout were seen to be massively favored by Pinterest users.

Reason for Introduction of Pinterest Video Ads

A whopping 55% of Pinterest users have said that they prefer shopping on Pinterest, according to recent study by Mary Meeker. Only 12% of people say that about the social media, overall. This is among the major reasons for Pinterest to introduce video ads as about 75% of the contents on the platform come from businesses.

With the introduction of video ads, businesses should have easier time letting their ideas be known to mass in an innovative fashion.

Pinterest being among the most visual platforms on the web, it does make more sense for the company to launch this new opportunity. This allows the brands to purchase ads on the platform.

Our Take

The platform is definitely evolving with this new campaign. It only seems natural for the company to introduce promoted videos since internet users are gravitating towards video platforms. Not that Pinterest has been losing its touch but this new course of action definitely prevents any risk of stagnation.

Recent stats show that people who watch video ads are more likely to purchase the product or service than people who watch ads in any other form. Also, video ads are 4x more memorable than a non-video ad.

Pinterest seems to have taken some hints from the rapidly growing success of Facebook and Instagram video ads. At present, total videos watched on Facebook has hit the mark of 8 billion videos per day.

We will have to wait and see how well this new idea performs on the image-first platform. But, evaluating the popularity of animated Cinematic pins, it shouldn’t be surprising to see more and more brands letting the users access a full auto-play video with sound.

At present, promoted videos are only available to larger advertisers working directly with Pinterest’s account teams in the US and UK. Few companies have already started trying out this new campaign of video ads. Among them are BareMinerals, BehrPaint, Lionsgate, Kate Spade New York and Purina(R).

Brands are also allowed to display six Buyable pins underneath each video as it’s being played.

Pinterest is surely going to find some ways to make promoted videos more easily viewable on the platform. And, we should expect to see Pinterest ingest more videos than they have ever done before. Time will tell us how the loyal Pinterest users’ will react to the new video ads campaign.

Here’s a sample video ad.

Source: Pinterest


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