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Thanksgiving is next week people and this is the perfect time to start sending out invitations for that thanksgiving party next Thursday. And this thanksgiving, we are focusing on the power of videos to connect friends and family.


Videos are getting massively popular in the recent years, and business side apart video making is an art form that can be easily mastered by even those who aren’t really tech-savvy.

Video Invitation

Back in the day, people used to send invitations via postal service. While few people still follow the old ways, most are reluctant and rather use internet and messaging services to send invitations. But, let’s be honest, these invitations are bit too easy and doesn’t really make the invitee feel special.

You can easily change that with a simple video invitation. Making a thanksgiving invitation video is remarkably easy with a thanksgiving video maker like Picovico.

For thanksgiving invitation videos, there are different ideas you can look into. You could involve photos from last year to compile into a video with a theme that says something like “Look how much fun we had last year”. You could also take some photos of the decorations you’re planning this year and then make it into a video. Or, you could make all your present family members hold placards saying what they’re thankful about and then make a invitation video out of those photos.

Create video invitation

Past Thanksgivings

You probably have a bunch of photos from past thanksgivings. One way to relive those past memories is to create a thanksgivings video. Compile those photos, add some music, add some captions and there you have it, a perfect video to be played before/or after your thanksgiving dinner.

Do not hesitate to pick out weird looking and silly photos. Have some laughs, and cherish the moments spent with your loved ones.

Making a Video out of Family Album

Most families have a ton of photos in family albums. Technology wasn’t this big, even 10 years ago, and all photos were neatly tucked in photo albums. Most families still gather together to look back at those photo albums.

It might take a while but you can easily digitize those photos and turn them into a slideshow video.

Some quick tips in digitizing your old photo album:

  • Use your smartphone camera to capture photos of those photos.
  • There are plenty of Scanner apps (e.g. Google Photo Scan) available in app store of both android and iOS phones.
  • You can outsource these photos to companies like iMemories. They can even digitize these photos right from the negative.

Thanksgiving Recap Video

This is one for the next day. If you’re someone like my sister, you probably have at least 100 photos from your thanksgiving party. She takes photos of each meal, each person, and even the table settings. You can do the same. Then you can upload these photos onto a web application like Picovico and wait for your video to be automatically created. This makes sharing memories from the party much easier.

So, are you thinking of creating videos this thanksgiving? I hope the answer is YES and would love to know what type of videos are you trying to create in the comments below.  

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