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Picovico version 3

1969, July 21. Neil Armstrong first stepped on Moon. One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.

2017, May 8. Picovico Re-Launched. Picovico just took a giant leap in the revolutionary train that is headed towards simplifying and enhancing video-making technology.

The new Picovico3.0 is officially launched since today. But, our whole team has been planning and working on the NEW PICOVICO for almost a year now. Every customer suggestions and queries have been carefully analyzed to come up with this final product.

So, what’s new?

In one word? – Everything. Picovico has been completely re-vamped. We have worked on, improved upon and added exciting features to create the best possible video-making platform on the web. Picovico already looks cleaner, easier to navigate, and is packed with some amazing features.

Now, to get better grasp on the details, Read on.

Design Overhaul

Style page

With our new website design, we have gone for To-the-Point approach. This means, no bouncing round the site to get to the page you want and no lengthy loading time. Everything is on the single screen and you can navigate through different options on the page with ease. This time around, Picovico is focused on one thing and one thing only – letting you experience the best of video making with the easiest user interface.

Music, Photos, Video Clips and Text – All in one place

This is the second step to video making and it couldn’t be simpler. Add your photos, video clips, choose music, and add texts, all in a single page.

You can put captions on individual photos or even add a separate text slide to tell your story even clearly.

Consider this your workspace where you can make as many edits as you want before hitting that Create button.

picovico workspace

Edit and Preview your Images/Video clips

add video clips pop up

Simply double click on the images or video clips you have uploaded onto your workspace, and you will be provided with multiple options to edit your file. For images, you can add different effects, add captions, crop and rotate your image.

Edit Photos

 Multiple Music

Multiple music is another amazing feature addition on the New Picovico Version 3. You can add more than one music or songs onto a single video. Plus, you are also allowed to designate music to particular group of slides. Premium plan allows you to upload up to 2 music in a single video whereas Pro plan allows you to upload 5 music in your video.

Workspace picovico dashboard

Video Clips

Video clips trim

This is one of the biggest guns in our arsenal at present. Prior to this, Picovico was only renowned as a photo slideshow video maker. While that part of our product is still intact, now, users are also allowed to upload Video Clips* to the workspace. This will definitely make your story more livelier and entertaining.

You aren’t limited to simply uploading the video either. You can also trim the video clip to fit your video needs within Picovico. Premium users are allowed 2 video clips per video and Pro users are allowed 7 clips per video. Video clip length is 30 secs for premium users and 60 secs for the pros.

Add your Own Logo

Add logo

This is one feature that will take your business videos to new heights. Previously, users were forced to add logos in the form of an image. Well, not anymore. With our new web app, users will be allowed to upload their logo and choose to showcase it in the Intro/Outro or both, and our revamped engine will automatically process it to present you with an animated, interactive logo in your video.

Done with your video?

Now what? You can preview your video, and go back to making changes in your video by clicking on “Keep Editing” next to the Finalize button on video preview page.

video preview

Add Titles, descriptions, CTA text of your choice while your video is being rendered. Also, if you feel like you need to make more changes on these sections, you can still do it after you have published the video. Just click on “Info and Details”. Sharing the video to social media profile of your choosing has also been simplified. Just click on the respective social media icon and our app will take it from there.

finalize video

Faster Video Rendering

Picovico has introduced a completely new engine so your video processing will be lot faster. Think of it this way. We have just upgraded from a Civic IMA engine to a V8 petrol engine. For those of you who don’t talk cars, Picovico has been upgraded from a Honda Civic engine to a Ferrari. Pretty cool right?

Hence, it goes without saying that our video-rendering engine is capable of running faster than ever to fulfill all your video making needs.

FHD videos

Picovico has been rated as one of the best online video making platforms by some top reviewers, and not to self-brag but we are certainly the most inexpensive option on the internet when it comes to video-making services. So, with FHD videos now in our arsenal, Picovico is hoping to reach the new heights and be regarded as the dominant force in providing video making services.

And oh!! Are you ready?

We’ve got an inside scoop for you.

Within the next few months, we are going to be loading our Music Library with tons of music so that you don’t have to anywhere else to find license music. Plus, we are going to be adding lot more video themes by the end of this year. Stay tuned!

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