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Picovico is all about Expression and in what language can you express better than your own.

Picovico had moved to Santiago as a part of Startup Chile 2 months ago with bigger dreams and hopes. And we were overwhelmed by the exquisite beauty of this place and people around, the moment we arrived. We see that everyone here cherish the beauty of their country, love taking photos and  Bingo! As we expected, Picovico could stand as the best medium for them to share those photos.

But, there was a language barrier as the native language here is Spanish and Picovico was available in English only. We thought, people might not relate with it so well (adding more to the reason is the literal meaning of “Pico” in Spanish! 😛 ). So, the good news; We launched an exclusive website “” for Chile.

Now, when we started with one language, we got a hang of this idea of making Picovico available for all the countries in their native languages. How cool it would be to have a personalized video and that too in your own language. Japanese was just to start with!

With this Picovico is now available in 3 languages (English, Spanish and Japanese). We want to thank all the volunteers for helping us make Picovico available to their native countries. We’ll soon be extending our support to more countries. We’d love to discuss our existing translations or have suggestions on a future translation.

Along with this, we have recently crossed 300,000 photos uploads. We hope that you keep loving Picovico and we continue to touch the lives of people in the days to come 🙂

We are also coming up with some more awesome features. Will let ya all know soon when we are done with it.

Till then, Keep using Picovico – your magical slideshow maker and Happy Holidays!

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