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Technology is ever changing and so are the practices in our education system. Today, rhetorical method of learning is shadowed by competitive real-time learning. And in this context, videos have topped the list – making it one of the finest and most effective methods to retain the shared knowledge. A study has shown that, 90% of information that are transmitted to the brain is visual, and human brain processes visuals 60,000X faster than text.

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Introducing Picovico for Education

Realizing the growing need of videos for education purpose, we at Picovico have come up with a solution to embrace the power of videos for teaching – learning approach. ‘Picovico for Education’ is a dedicated plan that we’ve created for school environment and related entities.

What’s so unique in Education Plan?

The new Educational Plan is packed with some fresh and unique features. There are two type of accounts under this plan. One is the administrative or monitoring account (teacher account) that is to be handled by the instructor or school administration, while the other is the participating account (student account) that is given to the students who will be making the videos. In addition to this, it also includes a special group activity block that updates every members about the ongoing video activities performed by individual members.

Image: User Activity Feed 

With this plan, a new concept of ‘Seat’ has been introduced, where each seat indicate a unique student account that is controlled by a teacher account.

Currently, we have 3 different type of subscription based on the number of seats. You can choose an appropriate subscription based on the number of students under your vigilance.

25 seats

A teacher under this plan will be able to add 25 students at the cost of just $100.

50 seats

A teacher under this plan will be able to add 50 students at the cost of just $150.

100 seats  

A teacher under this plan will be able to add 100 students at the cost of just $250.

Note: All these plans expires after 6 months so you can keep the auto-renewal setting ‘ON’ for the uninterrupted service.

The main idea behind the education plan is to make the product classroom-centric and student-friendly at most affordable rate.

Teacher Account

It is the administrative account that allows the owner to invigilate the video activities of the active student accounts (seats) under this main account. The account holder is able to allocate and deny access to intended email addresses; i.e., adding and deleting the user seats is possible only via this account. A teacher account can add up to 100 student accounts depending upon the plan of subscription.

Along with creating videos for personal or educational purpose, this account is also able to view the videos that are created under individual student account.

Image: Dedicated education tab to add students

Student Account

A student account is a unique id created by the administrative teacher account and is accessible to a list of styles for video generation. Every student account can create a total of 100 HD videos per month. Each video can include up to 50 slides (comprising 7 video clips) and 5 different music.

Here’s an introduction video:

Learn more about Picovico for Education 

PS: The videos made under education plan will come with a ‘Made with Picovico for EDUCATION’ watermark.

Get Started with the Education Plan

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