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We are excited to share that Picovico is now available in Dutch!

Picovico, in partnership with TibiMedia (our local reseller), is proud to present

picovico in netherlands

TibiMedia is a company that provides professional photography services. They deliver professional photos from business to events to even drone photography and everything in between. TibiMedia delivers the right photographer for the required job.

Picovico, recently had an opportunity to be a part of TNW conference to exhibit in their BOOST program. And what would be more perfect time to launch Picovico in Netherlands?

We, at Picovico, believe video is the most powerful way to express. Expressing in a language understood by the receiver is an even more powerful thing. And so that the people of Netherlands can do the same with Picovico, we have introduced Picovico in Dutch.

Picovico is now available in four different languages (English, Spanish, Japanese and Dutch). We would like to thank all the volunteers for helping us make Picovico available in their native countries.

Share the Picovico joy in your language. Cheers to the new beginning!

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