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Photo Slideshows

Photo slideshows, a simple yet effective way of storytelling, are now a rich source of media content. There is a high chance people will remember what they see in a slideshow video, with 65% of them being visual learners.

Photo slideshows are resourceful and engaging which can be adopted by people in any sector. Educators can incorporate videos in their classrooms for creating better learning environment. Other professionals can use it to present their business pitch or demonstrate product in more interactive way.

Of all the people, photographers can make the best use of it. When a photographer covers an event, he/she will have hundreds of still pictures to present. Going through all the pictures sequentially could be time consuming and tedious. In such cases, he/she can simply make a slideshow video of his best shots chronologically, to give a clear idea of the event.

Here is an example of a slideshow video that portrays the moments of happiness at a wedding.

Besides this, slideshows have other commercial benefits for photographers which are listed below:

  • A well crafted slideshow video can act as a portfolio for photographers which will give clear vision on how he/she works.   
  • Photographers can make slideshow videos of an event they have covered and sell a copy to the participants as a memento.
  • Since videos increase people’s understanding of services by 74%, making slideshow videos is one of the best options to market a photographer’s work and reach out to new clients.
  • Videos, being the most shared post type on Facebook (averaging 89.5 shares per video), photographers can best use it to expose their work. Tagging clients on respective videos can be a smart step to reach potential clients as the video will get noticed/shared easily by their friends and families (the ultimate potential clients).
  • Including videos in an email  increases the click-through rate by a whopping 200-300% and slideshow videos are so lightweight that one is not required to worry about the load speed or lower bandwidth. Photographers can hence, approach new clients through emails with a niche based slideshow videos.

Most of the photographers today, are using online slideshow tools like Picovico, to create beautiful videos. Picovico, an online photo video maker, is a cost effective tool that lets you create an elegant video from a set of pictures and text slides in minutes. It doesn’t require the user to have video making or editing skills. 

To conclude, slideshows are crucial to photographers who wish to commercialize their services and stand out among their competitors. Make wise use of such tools and exhibit your work creatively. If you haven’t explored this area of making slideshow, now is the best time to start!

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