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Birthday slideshow maker

Make birthdays extraordinary with these amazing video ideas

Memories and pictures are at the core of every occasion. And birthdays are amidst those occasions where people never miss a chance to take pictures. Birthdays bring with it endless memories that last a lifetime. It’s time you put those memories into motion, since videos are the most powerful medium to express to your loved ones. From birthday greetings to celebration recaps, there’s a whole new world of ideas to…

best birthday gift

Why slideshow videos are the best gift for birthdays?

Birthdays are special, be it your own or of the people you are close with. And it’s worth making the most out of this special day. The best part of birthdays are the gifts you give and receive (besides the birthday cake of course!). The gifts need not necessarily be material ones. Rather, it should be the one that portrays the emotion of the one giving it. And what better than…

Need a unique birthday gift idea? Gift a birthday slideshow video!

Birthdays are special; irrespective of the person’s age. This special day of your loved ones life revolves once a year. There are so many things that we can gift our people but with so many people and that many birthdays, after a certain time one runs out of new and unique ideas for a birthday gift. You may gift them a trip, some form of jewelry, a car/ bike or…