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frameless video stylePicovico is home to many video styles ranging from occasion specific to general ones that are versatile enough to complement videos of all nature. With so much of love and appreciation from our previously launched video styles (Carol, Circle, Party and Soulmate), we are highly encouraged to entertain our users with more attractive video styles. That is why, after endless queries, research and brainstorming on our motion designers end; we are excited to introduce our new video style: “Frameless”.

Frameless is a simple yet tasteful video style. Going by its name, this video style comes without frames allowing the pictures to take the centre stage throughout the video. The soft and refined transitions add a touch of sophisticated aura on your pictures. Frameless is your natural pick if you want your pictures to outshine the background and not be obscured by it. Get the best out of Frameless with High Definition [HD] pictures in 16:9 image ratio.  

This video style is a great fit for the photographers and realtors who are seeking to create a smooth video showcases that emphasize solely on the pictures. But like most of our styles, Frameless is an elegant yet versatile style you can use to feature your products, promote any event or extend awareness in a neat and light fashion.

Frameless is available for anyone with a standard Picovico account. Whether it is for a photo portfolio, to showcase a property/home or present an event/a product, you can easily bend this new style to fit your use.  

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