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May, 2017 has been the greatest month for Picovico in its short history. If you have been following us, you know, we have had our biggest re-launch ever with Picovico 3.0.

New birthday style

Exclusive features have been added onto the new Picovico with the simple goal to make life easier for video-making enthusiasts around the globe. While addition of new features have definitely been the highlight of the new Picovico, that’s not all there’s more to it.

We have also launched some exciting new video themes – 5 in total, which are displayed on top of the styles page at

1. Birthday Album – Turning one page at a time

Birthday album is a neat video theme that is front and center on the new style list. As the name suggests this video theme has been designed to bare the effect of a digital album that neatly turns each page (slide) every few seconds to make room for photos and video clips next on queue.

The basics of Picovico are all the same, which means you can add text slides and musics of your choice. This celebratory theme looks rich in animation and has an exciting feel to it.

It would make a perfect choice if you wanna look back at a person’s happy memories and wish them Happy Birthday.

Create a video with Birthday Album

2. Flicker – The key is simplicity

Flicker is another new video theme with a warm and positive feeling to it. The soft flickering of light is the major highlight of the video. It’s not as loud as some of the other themes we have in our collection but the effects in this theme overall gives you a sense of sophistication. Each slide on the video is displayed for 5 seconds before switching onto the next one. The theme is available for pro users and are eligible to make use of all the features of the Pro account including 1080p video quality.

Create a video with Flicker

3. Shimmer – Share some light

Shimmer is one of the best decorated themes on our collection at the moment. This video-style is rich with lights, decorations and attractive fonts for text slides that has a proper birthday feel to it. The major perk of this video theme is that it can give meaning to anything. You could just throw in random pictures and ignore to order it properly, and it would still make the video quite exciting. This rich looking theme is available for Premium users. As for use, you could make a birthday party video with a collection of snaps from all your party pictures, use this theme to make party invitation videos or any other purpose.

Create a video with Shimmer

There is a lot more where these come from. While these are primarily created to be birthday video themes, feel free to make use of them however you see fit. Flicker for instance can be used to create any kind of celebratory videos.

If you want suggestions regarding video-making and styles we have in our collection, you can always reach out to us at

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