Did Christmas come in May this year? Well, sorta! Cause you’re in for a treat.

Excuse our sorry attempt at humor, we’re all just so excited for our new launch. That’s right people, Picovico is coming out completely revamped, with exciting new features, bigger and better than ever.


We, at Picovico, have always put our users first, and this massive change in our application is all part of the plan to provide up to date exciting features and the best user experience possible.

So, what’s New in Picovico?

Well, in one word – Everything. If you have seen our social media banner you know that we have emphasized on “the New Picovico coming soon”. And the word “new” isn’t overstretching it at all.

Picovico is coming out completely new.

To give you a brief idea of what you can expect, here are some changes and feature additions we have made on the new picovico.

New Web App Design

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Picovico is being rolled out with a completely new design. The new design has a more direct approach to it with zero distractions. The first step to video making begins as soon as you land on the website, and navigation is pretty much self-guided.

The new web app design has also been designed with mobile users on mind. You will experience seamless video making even if you’re using your phone or tablets.

Of course the design changes aren’t limited to the Picovico landing page.

Video Clips

Video clips trim

The most exciting and highly awaited feature is finally here. As most of you know, Picovico is specifically renowned for its ability to make amazing slideshow videos. While that part of picovico is still alive, you can also upload video clips onto Picovico workspace now. And that’s not all, you can even do some basic editing on your video clips before you finalize it. But more on that – later.

This means, your Picovico made videos can now contain text, image, music and (additionally) video clips. This is a highly awaited feature and this will make your videos more interactive.

FHD Videos

That’s right. With the New Picovico, you will be able to make FHD videos. How awesome is that? FHD videos are more fun to watch, and your audience is also going to have a jolly good time watching your video in high definition.

The FHD videos can be just as easily shared on social media, and in all fairness, high definition videos will have a better impact if you’re producing professional videos or social media videos.

These are not everything. Actually, there are plenty more. Consider these to be a teaser for the package that’s yet to come. But rest assured, you’ve never used a more complete platform with simpler user experience on Picovico.

Multiple Music feature, Photo Edit features, Trial version and there are plenty of other additions that’s sure to make Picovico a more complete video making platform.

Multiple Music

Edit Photos

We will be sure to cover the complete details about all our services and features on the next blog. Stay tuned, spread the word and enjoy the best of video making.

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