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Birthdays hold an extra special place in our hearts over all of our life’s milestones. They come but once a year bringing joy and laughter along with it. Over the years, we have enjoyed seeing you express gratitude and appreciation to your friends, family, and your loved one’s on their birthday with us.

birthday video style

We have designed a theme specifically for birthdays, so that you can add more fun and excitement to the videos you create. Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new gift wrap inspired birthday theme – “Birthday Delight”.

This theme is a fun and bubbly interpretation of a birthday with all the essentials of great birthday party wrapped in a video.  The confetti and balloons wafting around, while your images gently slide in, will have you fall in love with our style “Birthday Delight”. The colourful, vibrant and celebratory background will make this theme your “go – to” for paying tribute to your loved one on their birthday.

Take a look at the sample video created using “Birthday Delight” style:

Here are some suggestions on what you can do with this new birthday style –

  • Sending an invitation to friends and family for your or someone else’s birthday party.
  • Wishing “Happy Birthday” to someone who lives far away.
  • Gifting a video to the birthday person as it makes a unique birthday gift.
  • Making a recap video of the birthday festivities for the people who attended and/or missed it.

Birthday Delight is a fun way to adding that extra element of fun to your birthday festivities. Anyone in our Standard Plan can get creative using this style. Any birthday parties to attend or plan in the near future? Try out our brand new birthday style – cherish your moments and share the birthday joy with picovico!

Create a video with “Birthday Delight”

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