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Merry Christmas!

The air is filled with the smell of pines, pies and cookies! The smell of Christmas and holiday feasts is in the air! The biggest part of Christmas besides the feasts, the carolling, the shopping, the gift exchanges and Santa is conveying your love and appreciation for the people that have been through the highs and lows of life.

Simply posting a Merry Christmas doesn’t really capture your feelings! And you must have been sending out Christmas Postcards or exchanging greetings over a phone call. But add a little more Christmas vibes into your greetings and postcards this year in the Picovico way.

Bring out the best of our Christmas gift/greetings with our holiday styles.

Before you dissolve in this celebratory air, we would like to let you know that we appreciate you for backing us up through the years. We would truly thank you for starting 2016 with us and supporting us throughout the year, helping us grow and graciously staying with us when we had glitches and celebrating new features and plans!

We wish you a Merry, Joyous and Delightful Christmas!

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