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6 essential marketing videos every real estate agent should create

Marketing videos are the indispensable marketing tools for any business on the world right now. But not all the businesses have adapted this marketing strategy just yet, lucky for you.

Real estate business is no different. There are those who are cashing in millions every year and others, well not everyone is doing so well. One of the major reasons for this is that they are not keeping up with the trend in their marketing ways.

In our earlier blog we discussed how to create a viral Real estate Video? Today, we are going to discuss the sort of videos you can and should create if you want to succeed in the real estate business.

1. Testimonial Interview Videos

No matter what someone is buying they wanna know that others buying the same thing have found it to be as advertised. In the real estate business, it’s not just the property you’re trying to sell, you’re selling your service.

So, if your previous clients can put in a good word or two about what an amazing realtor you are, you are likely to increase your clients. So conduct interviews among buyers and sellers you have worked with in the past as well as your real estate colleagues.

2. Listing Videos

Listing videos are probably the most important videos you can produce to market yourself. Showing attractive images and video clips of the properties you manage on a video will attract new leads for you.

Most smartphones today can carry HD pictures. Use your phone to capture images and video clips of the locations you want to show in your video. Then, use Picovico to create an attractive marketing video. With the pre-designed high quality styles and effects included in the Picovico, you are sure to create high quality marketing videos.

3. Informational Videos

The reputation you set is highly important on any business. Create educational videos telling your audiences helpful facts about the real estate business. It could be about how to choose a property, things to check before buying or How to-s on a certain topic.

If people see you as a helpful individual who wants the best for you, you are more likely to build a good reputation and therefore generate more leads.

4. Creative and Funny Videos

Creative and Humorous videos can be the best marketing technique, especially in this current age and time where Internet is dominated by memes and comedy skits. Use your humor, find contents where you can advertise yourself or the listing.

Creativity is being different and appealing. Make your audience remember your video. If you can be creative and funny in your marketing video, you definitely have an edge over your competitors.

But you might need to experience with few videos before you can nail the perfect content, which is where Picovico comes in. Opt for Picovico pro and create as many professional looking marketing videos as you want.

5. Neighbourhood Videos

Location is everything for a home owner. A real estate agent is well aware of it but doesn’t pay enough attention to it as much as they should. Creating a neighborhood video is the brilliant way to show your prospective buyers the quality of the neighbourhood.

There are plenty of things you can do for this one. You can interview your local businesses and people in the neighborhood about what the area is like and just talk about the general safety and quality of the neighborhood. You can also add your own sales pitch towards the end of the video to make your marketing video more appealing.

6. Year-in Review Videos

This is something marketers plan for months in advance. From taking pictures to getting testimonials of clients, everything is essential here. The objective of year-in review is to show your impact in a video. In a short video, you need to include every impactful listing, clients, testimonials and any other information that might help you to get new clients. Be creative, have fun with it, and while you are supposed to show every person you have made happy and every event you’ve sponsored, don’t make it seem like you are gloating.

You can also throw in your goals for the coming year in this video. This doesn’t mean you quote the amount of money you want to make, rather put up the impact you are going to have on society and people’s lives.

Picovico for Videos

If you create these marketing videos, you will definitely make an impact on the market and gain plenty of new clients.

The reality is that even though there are ton of realtors, not many are doing well, and this will definitely be a way to stand out from the competition.

Recent stats show that as many as 58% of the buyers expect to see the video of a home when looking at it online.

Head over to, create an account, opt for Pro subscription and make high quality marketing videos to make the most out of the real estate business.

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