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Majority of an adult’s life is spent working – one spend at least 8 hours of 5 days in the office with your colleagues. And yet not have an idea as to what you will give them on their birthday, and you end up giving them a boring generic gifts like a gift card.

You want to give them something personal and special because they have your back from Monday till Friday. You can think of amazing gift for your friends but does you blank become a white sheet when it comes to giving something to your colleagues?

Well here is a gift idea that is very personal, not boring and will not take more than a few dollars – a video.

Yes! We mean you make your friend a video gift. Videos make a great gift, you pour out everything you think about the other person. Similar to a letter a video coveys your thoughts hence making it a very thoughtful personal gift. The pictures and video clips of the two of you doing things from work to that grabbing a bottle on a Friday, never lets this gift get boring.

If you are a tech junkie and know how to use Premier Pro or Adobe After Effects perfect. We have your back if you don’t know how to use those software. You can simply Picovico your problems away.

Picovico is a solution to both tech newbies and pros, you can start making videos without any tech knowledge in a short time. And here is how you start out.

  1. You need to create an account on Picovico.
  2. Now you select a style from the Style Library. We would suggest – Birthday Delight, Flicker, Spark and Splendor.
  3. It’s now the time to choose your favorite pictures and video clips you have of you and workmate.
  4. Add the magic touch or rather personal touch to your video with the text captions. Stick to writing short messages over the pictures. If you think your message deserves to shine on its own, you can choose to have a text slide among your photo/video clip slides.
  5. The final ingredient to your perfect gift is selecting the music to accompany your pictures and caption. Choosing the perfect music is the key to making your video perfect. The music creates a mood for your pictures, video clips and texts.
  6. Now you hit the Publish button and wait a maximum of a few minutes until your perfectly baked Birthday gifts is delivered by our system.

You can share this video in various ways. You can put up the video in a flash-drive or CD and make a physical gift out of it. You can also share on your Social Media – Facebook, Twitter or YouTube directly from Picovico.

A close colleague or a colleague you need to impress, videos as birthday gifts are a perfect for everyone. Videos also have the capability to leave footprints on your colleagues heart and make a stand out gift.

So have you thought of videos a gifts and given it to your colleague? Will you consider it now?

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