Wedding is a lifetime memory. So it’s normal for you to not compromise on anything; starting from the invitation card itself. We appreciate your urge for perfection and that is why we’ve got you some really nice wedding invitation video theme designed by professionals.

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Create incredible wedding invitation videos in 5 easy steps with Picovico

  1. Login to Picovico and select the ‘Create’ button
  2. Choose either ‘Slideshow Video’ or ‘Story’ and select a favorable wedding theme.
  3. Upload pictures and content.
  4. Then preview and finalize or keep making changes.
  5. Save and share.

Make wedding invitation with Picovico Wedding Styles

Nuptial Bliss
Nuptial Bliss is a pure wedding oriented style in Picovico. Particularly designed for love videos, it makes a perfect match for a wedding invitation video. But, unlike stories, you will not get a pre-defined story line in Picovico styles. Styles give you the flexibility to be creative and add your own narrative to your video.

Let your wedding invitation splash around in effortless grace in this beautiful style embellished with effervescent hearts and red spheres.

Create video in this style

Just married
Second style that suits well with the wedding theme and has the perfect romantic essence is the ‘Just Married’ style. It gives an identical frame to present your couple photos along with the warm invitation message.

Repaint the gorgeous visuals of your love-story in a beautiful video memoir.

Create video in this style

This is another brilliant style majorly dedicated for love and wedding videos. You do have plenty of space to play with your creativity in this video style as well. The background and props used in this style have played an amazing role to preserve the romantic essence.

Indulge into the sweetness of the soulful theme to create a romantic video invitation to mark your wedding diaries.

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Make wedding invitation video with Picovico Wedding Story

Save the Date
Save the Date is a Picovico Story. It is specially crafted for you to create a flawless video invitation card for your Big Day. Story is not much different than styles. The only difference is that we’ve planned some basic essentials required for the story users to create a video in that theme. You will only have to change the date, venue and/or add more information as per your need.

Capture the essence of your magical wedding with this beautiful video invitation and share the joy with your loved ones.

Create video in this story

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