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Every mother is so special, for reasons that we cannot count, for times that will keep on coming as long as we live, for she is the most beautiful blessing bestowed upon us. “Mom” always gives tender love, care and warmth. She teaches us the value of life; she makes us know what it means to love and to be loved.

Mom does a lot of things that we don’t even notice every day. She goes through our crazy tantrums and antics; she worries so  much even when we are just playing by the place next door. From broken dishes to bruised ankles, from our ever dramatic mood swings to out hurt crushing break ups, she is one person who always remains by our side, her warm hug ever ready to brighten our lives.

We all have some wonderful memories that we cherish; those magic moments with our mothers we remember again and again. And now that the mother’s day is right around the corner, why not make it even more special this time around? How about dedicating a sweet video made out of those memorable pictures of you guys being together? And you don’t even need to plug on your laptop, all you need is those awesome pictures on your iPhone and Picovico’s iPhone app installed in it.

Even better if you happen to go out on a shopping spree with your mom, or visit some fun place, or if you simply plan on staying at home and cook something delicious together with your mom. Why not snap some inside scoop, quickly make a video using the Picovico iPhone app without letting her know and play it in front of her  to bring that look of awe and love and happiness, all at the same time.

Rather than the monotonous slide of pictures, this allows you to choose a music or song of your choice that reflects the special moments you clicked together. And spice it up by adding texts to describe what those priceless moments mean to you. Now that makes up for a different yet awesome way to thank you mom for being the best mom in the world. A memorable mother’s day in an equally memorable video, all within the touch of your fingers of  course!

A very Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

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