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Holidays are best time to indulge with friends and family. That is why it is the most awaited time of the year. We share the joy of togetherness and giving to our loved ones. By giving, I remember a saying, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” Not all the expensive gift will win the hearts. Sometimes, your sweet little effort can do the job better.

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Well, here in this post, I am giving you a cutting-edge technique that helps pour your emotions into the gift you create. Video gifts drive a personal touch and can be the best thing to present. Do not worry if you have limited knowledge on how it can be created. Here is the basic procedure to be followed:

1. Select a festive style

The first and foremost thing that you need to do when creating a video is selecting a style. And for special events, we have well designed dedicated styles. You can choose one that best suits your requirement. Personally, I prefer the ‘Carol’. It is bright and energizing.

2. Build a storyline

Story is the pulp of the video. You can obviously create video with random pictures stuffed together, but without a storyline, it would not deliver any value.

You can create a video that highlights major holiday events, family get-together, greetings to friends/customers/ well-wishers. You may also try for something different like celebration pre-caps or re-caps.

3. Select a holiday music

Choosing music that suits best with the video is sometimes a tiring job. You may think that a music will go good with the background and to your surprise, it results the opposite. But for holiday videos, it is quite easy. In Picovico, holiday special music are listed separately into a unique category called ‘Festive’.

If you ask me, I would suggest “Jingle Bell – fast”, “Up on a Housetop” and “Oh Xmas”. These music easily mix with the feel. If you like to explore more, there are several free music options available online.

4. Upgrade for more features

If you feel features like watermark and minimal styling option are disturbing you to achieve the desired, you can upgrade your account at minimal cost and enjoy the upgraded version with a lot more good things.

Here’s a overall video on how to create video with Picovico:

Finally, if you are preparing a gift this holidays, just check out for what can add more life to it. Since videos are easy to reflect emotions with, you can start with a trial.

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