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make a memorable graduation video

Graduation is one of the most memorable events in life and it deserves to be celebrated in the best possible manner. Whether you’re a parent trying to celebrate your child’s graduation or friends of the new graduate, make sure you do something that will put the fresh graduate in tears of joy, or just smile at least, that will work too.

Among other gifts you might be planning to get, a video gift is a brilliant idea that is both emotional and memorable.

Here are some tips on how to make a memorable graduation video for your loved one.

Highlights of their Life

When you’re making a video about someone, what you want to do is create a short highlight looking into their life as a whole instead of creating a boring movie people can’t even pay attention to after a few minutes. Ideally, your video should be somewhere between 2 – 3 minutes long.

This way, your video is long enough to tell a complete story and it ends in time before your audience starts losing interest.

The best way to make the video short and sweet is to remember that you aren’t obliged to include every single photos and video clips of the graduate’s life in the video. Just highlight the important events that tells a thoughtful story.

Gather Messages from Family and Friends

This could be a separate idea altogether or you could mix it up with the previous idea. You can ask friends and family members of the graduate to say something for the big day. You can either ask for brief few seconds of video clips or just quote them using our text slides. This way, you can get everyone involved and messages from friends and family adds a nice emotional touch.

Keep Embarrassment to a minimum

It’s human to want to embarrass someone for a laugh or two; however, you have to remember that this is a big day for the graduate and not one for the embarrassment. So, keep them embarrassing drunk or naked pictures to a minimum. You can save them for birthdays maybe.

Make use of all the Elements

Picovico is a rich video-making platform, especially with our new additions. Making a video can be an overwhelming task, especially for first timers, and it’s completely okay. Lucky for you, you can get the gist of our entire platform within the first few minutes, it’s that easy.

Now the trick is to make sure you make use of every element on our platform. If you can come up with proper words to accompany the photos and video clips you have uploaded, it could even turn out to be an autobiographical short movie. Do not hesitate to experiment, and try to come up with the best result. Good Luck.

Have you ever made a graduation video? What was the idea behind it? Let us know in the comments below. If you face any complications in the video making process, please write to us at

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