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Memories and pictures are at the core of every occasion. And birthdays are amidst those occasions where people never miss a chance to take pictures. Birthdays bring with it endless memories that last a lifetime. It’s time you put those memories into motion, since videos are the most powerful medium to express to your loved ones. From birthday greetings to celebration recaps, there’s a whole new world of ideas to explore and get creative with your birthday videos.

Birthday slideshow maker

We sure need a little inspiration on everything we do – be it writing, painting or making a video. We had previously shared how slideshow videos make the best birthday gifts while being a unique gift. Now we thought we’d share a few video ideas that you could use to surprise your friends or loved one, on their birthday:

1. Special Birthday Gift & Greeting

Aren’t we always on the lookout to finding something special for the birthday girl/boy? What better than sharing all the sweet moments that you have shared together in a neatly packaged video. Present a birthday special slideshow video on your loved ones birthday for a fine spectacle.

Picovico birthday videos are special gifts that cannot be found in stores. Spread the birthday joy with Picovico.

2. Birthday Memories

We put in a  lot of effort into making birthdays a memorable one. Ease your way into making a memorable birthday gift with Picovico. Put together all the birthday memories the two of you/ your group have gathered along the way to this birthday.

Gift him/her a personalized video specially made for the birthday boy/girl that bring all your beautiful memories to life. Greet your birthday friend in a new way – the Picovico way!

3. Party Recap

Recap and share the birthday festivities with your friends and loved ones. Capture all the magic of your loved ones special celebrations. Turn your festive pictures into amazing recap videos that one can’t help but smile at. Revel at the joyful video portraying all the fun from the party.

Birthday recap videos can also be sent to the ones who missed the celebrations. Additionally, it can also be reused as an invitation video to encourage more people to join in on the celebrations.

We enjoy making, watching and sharing memorable videos. Videos also make for a unique and perfect birthday gift for your loved ones. Don’t shy away from making one for your people now that video making is simple, effortless and fun to create with Picovico.

We hope you are motivated to knock the socks off a few people with your amazing birthday gift.

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    I loved the ideas.

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    love these ideas! thanks

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