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Wedding Slideshows have become a tradition over the years. This is one tradition, perhaps no one wishes to end.

How to Make a Wedding Slideshow

Wedding slideshows are great, whether you’re choosing to show it on your reception, rehearsal, showers, or the wedding party. It gives the crowd an insight into the bride and groom’s world.

The possibilities of making contents for your video is virtually endless. Some choose to build a story about how the bride and groom fell in love, while others choose to focus on different themes.

A noteworthy platform in terms of ease of use and simplicity is Picovico – an online slideshow video maker. The platform’s easy user interface and attractive themes have ranked it among the top rated slideshow video makers in the business at present.

And here, we are going to focus on how to create attractive wedding slideshow videos with minimal effort using Picovico.

Select a Video Theme

Picovico offers wide variety of video themes suitable for different kinds of slideshow videos. Some attractive video themes dedicated for wedding slideshows are Soulmate, Valentine’s Day, Bokeh, Circle, and Focus but there are plenty more. Choose the one that you think would best compliment the wedding vibe.

Upload Pictures

Once you have selected a video theme, all you have to do is upload your pictures and arrange them as you see fit. In this day and age, you probably have thousands of pictures of both the bride and the groom. Filter them and upload them on this web tool. And oh! Let’s not overdose on selfies, it may ruin your story.

You can upload photos of 360p quality on the Standard Plan. However, if you wish to create some mind blowing wedding photo slideshow with HD photos, you’ll need to upgrade your Picovico account to Premium or Pro plan (the one without watermarks). Both of which are quite affordable if you ask me.

Next up: Captions

Captions are highly essential regardless of the type of slideshow video you are creating. They give life to the stories you are trying to present with your pictures. Whether it’s a slideshow video of how the newly-wed couple met or some random slideshow video, either way, neatly written captions save you the trouble of having to narrate the slideshow.

Since it’s a wedding slideshow, make your captions snappy and crisp, rather than lengthy sentences.

To know more about why captions are so important, go to our blog 5 reasons Why You Can’t Afford Not to Caption Your Videos.

If you want to learn more about how to write good captions, go to How to Write Good Captions on Slideshow Videos.

Add Suitable Music

The right tune for your slideshow video can be the difference between traditional wedding slideshow and the AMAZING slideshow video that people are going to talk about for years to come.

If you’re a groom or bride making a wedding slideshow for your partner, then preferably, you should use the other person’s favorite song or the song that describes your love affair.


Your wedding slideshow video should come out quite nice if you’ve followed these simple steps.
Remember to download the file you have prepared, just incase you don’t have access to Internet at the wedding venue.

If you’ve tried Picovico to make your wedding slideshow, then you know why Picovico is regarded among the best wedding slideshow makers in the business.

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