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last minute gift ideas for your valentine

Have you still not been able to find the perfect gift for this valentine’s day? Do not worry. We, at Picovico, have the perfect solution for you. With Picovico, you can give your mother, lover, friend, an amazing valentine present that will only take minutes to create and send.

With a variety of video styles in our arsenal, you are equipped to give a proper video gift to every important person in your life. The whole process is quite easy and you will be guided step by step.

Here’s how you can get started.

Choose Video style

We have various different video styles suited for the special occasion of valentine’s. To name a few, Soulmate, V – Day and Bokeh are elegant as well as romantic. These styles are perfect if you’re planning to create a valentine video for your better half, or someone you’ve just started dating.

If you want something bit platonic, we have got the perfect style for that too. You might wanna look into some video themes like Frameless, Circle, and Focus.

However, the essence of the video will not only depend on the video style. The photos you upload, music you choose and words you put up will matter a great deal.

Upload Music

If you’re going to make valentine’s day video, you are obviously going to look for romantic music. There are tons of free music available over the web. But you need not bother with finding the free music if you’re not going to monetize the video in any way. You can simply upload the soundtrack that goes best with the photos you are planning to upload.

The important thing is to make sure the music you choose compliments the video as a whole.


You can put in 50 different photos that make you and your valentine date look like the perfect couple, but adding the right set of words can make all the difference between a romantic video and a bland one.

Picovico allows you to add captions to each photo. This allows you to create a complete story from the start to finish. Along with that, you can also add text slides to make your video even more meaningful and romantic. Without words, there is always a fear of your video being a simple collection of images.

And this is it! Your valentine video gift is ready within a matter of few minutes.

How to Share your Video

If you are open to public displays of emotion, you can share the video directly onto your social media profiles and tag your significant other. You can also individually send them the video via video-link or by downloading the video.

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