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DIY fathers day gift

How many years have you overlooked father’s day and got him a last minute mug, tie or socks?

Father’s day is due in two days!

And if you have forgotten it this year as well, and want to get him an amazing personalized gift, then don’t fret about being late. Here are a handful last minute DIYs that you can assemble to impress your dad:

1. Scrabble Tile Keychain

Everybody has a bunch of keys they carry around. Your dad also must have some that he carry around. Make him a personalized keychain. It is a project that can be made by anyone. You will only need Scrabble tiles, glue, thumbtack, very small eyelet, and a key ring.

DIY fathers day gift - key chain

For detail DIY tutorial, click here (source).

2. Rocky Picture Frame

If you have a nature loving dad, this is your go to gift. It basically is a photo frame made of rocks. You will only need frame, paint, polished rocks and super glue.

DIY fathers day gift - rocky frame

Note: You can make this frame even more personal by adding rocks that were collected on a hike or a vacation.

For detail DIY tutorial, click here (source).

3. Picovico Video

Our dads are the rock of our life; all cool and less emotional compared to moms. But they also love gifts that are heart-warming and have a personal touch to them. So why not make a video gift and get that rewarding smile?

All you need to do is find the pictures of you and your dad. Choose the best style and music to compliment your moments. Use the video to show your dad you thank him for everything he has done for you.

Create your own Father’s Day video

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4. Eye-glass case

How many ties does your dad own? Does he use all of them? Well, here is your chance to put those unused ties to use. Or you can buy an inexpensive one. Show your dad your crafty side with this Eye glass case. You will need a tie, a seam ripper, scissors, needle and thread (the stitching won’t be seen so you can choose any colour), unpicker, some sort of fastener and superglue.

DIY fathers day gift - eye glass

Find out how to assemble these things to create a classy eye-glass case in this DIY tutorial (source).

5. A New Mattress

People spend more than a third of their day on their bed. So what better gift for your dad than the best mattress of today? The online mattress shopping experience can get you get the best sleep ever from the comfort of your phone so don’t be late.

Every father or father figure deserves to be cherished on his big day as much as mothers. Celebrate the big day and gift your big guy with heartwarming handmade gifts!

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