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If you are a photographer wondering how to start a photography business, you can always consider maternity photography. People want to capture the beautiful experience of entering into parenthood and their transformation during the period. Maternity photography endows the opportunity to capture critical moments of your client’s life that they will cherish forever.

maternity photography

In maternity photography, a single client can be a profitable source. Unlike other event’s coverage, it is not over in a few days. The shoot starts from photographing the mother in her first few months of pregnancy to a follow up in every 2-3 months. If your clients have an expected birth date, the baby needs to be photographed within one month and again follow up as the baby grows. Newborn photography itself is a profitable source for photographers.

Here we list down some maternity photography tips that you can apprehend for better maternity photos:

  1. Try to portray the real emotions of your client. They may hesitate to face the camera at first, but make them feel comfortable and try to include both the parents in the picture.
  2. Try to achieve a perfect combination of picture compositions, colours and angle. You may want to plan ahead as of how you are going to capture some of the shots.
  3.  While choosing locations for the shoot, select places with ample lights and try to avoid artificial lights as much as possible.
  4. Get creative and try various poses and angles to get your perfect shot.  You can try poses like the couples hugging each other, sitting close, touching the bump, and so on. But make sure your client doesn’t get irritated and tired of changing poses.

After each photo session, you will have lots of pictures, ready to edit and present to your clients. You can compile them and easily create slideshow videos using tools like Picovico. This allows easy reviewing of your photos and also the clients can go through them effortlessly. Later you can select the best out of those and print the necessary ones. This will save a lot of your  time, efforts and even money.

So, if you are in your initial phase of pursuing your career as a professional photographer, consider starting with maternity photography along with other forms that you are comfortable with.

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