With the number of disasters & diseases on a surge, there is a rise in the number of organizations supporting these causes – be it for awareness or funding purposes. Following this is the increase in cause marketing with internet being the best platform for the same.

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Cause Marketing is rightfully defined as the marketing efforts made to support social and other charitable causes. The best way to get the best of your cause marketing campaigns is with videos that guide your cause visually.

However, creating a video that supports your cause is a huge challenge. You need to back it up with a strategy that lets the society get easy access to and benefit you and your cause. That is why we have come up with a few key takeaways while creating charity  videos for better engagement and increased visibility.

1. Tell stories via video

Every happening brings a story with it. Incorporate that story into your charity videos to make it impactful. You can also turn your success stories in to videos. This creates transparency on how your audience have helped in the cause.

Not all organizations can have huge budget or resources at hand to produce a video. For the companies facing these problems, you can rely on slideshow videos. Slideshow videos do not require huge resources or expertise, and can be created in minutes with tools like Picovico.

2. Timely Video Content

Include some of the buzz worthy news that compliments your cause. To increase visibility and thus engagement, you need to keep an close eye on the things trending the search lists and use it if it lends a hand to your cause. Create emotional videos that best portrays the root of the cause.

3. Create Viewer Resource

Use Facebook, Youtube or other video sharing platforms that work best for you to share the videos. Separate the videos you have created into playlists in accordance to the different causes in your YouTube channel. Organizing  similar content on a playlist will let viewers watch multiple videos in one sitting.

4. Use hashtags

Hashtags are used for better visibility of any event. These days you will hardly find an event without it. Create an official hashtag and mention it whenever you share the video or even mention the cause.

Tip: Create consistency by using the same hashtag across all social media platforms.

5. Call to Action (CTA)

Let your audience take the next step and gain more information or donate with a call to action button. A CTA button gives instruction to the prospective audience to take an immediate action after viewing any of your online contents.  

“The play button is the most compelling CTA on the web.” – Michael Litt

Include a CTA at the end of your video so that your audience do not need to stray far for any action they plan to take.

Organizations support causes for various social purposes. But they often seem to have a hard time gaining visibility and engagement on their videos that support the movement. Hope the above mentioned key takeaways gave some in-depth insights on making your charity video a successful one.

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