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Kancye West Makes Birthday Video for KimThe world was shaken a little to see one of the biggest rapper of this generation gift a thoughtful, emotional birthday video to his wife Kim on her 36th birthday. The extravagant rapper isn’t exactly known for his sentimental approach, but I guess there are always exceptions.

On her birthday, Kanye shared a sentimental video with his 26 million followers.

The video is a collection of home videos narrated by Kim’s late father Robert. The collection features various video clips from when Kim was 2 years old to her teenage years.

The video was quite personal especially because Kim’s father passed away after suffering from cancer in 2004.

It was pretty clear that Kanye put together plenty of efforts into making this emotional birthday video for Kim.

We all know Kanye to be a superb hip-hop artist, lyricist, and a successful businessman, but surely he is not a video designer. Of course, he might have easily hired a professional to compile the video clips into a complete and emotional video, which turned out to be a touching gift.

Kim wasn’t the only one who was moved by the video. All of Kim’s siblings re-tweeted the video.

If you haven’t looked at the video yet, watch now.

Did it get you all mushy on the inside and smiling on the outside? Just beautiful, right?

That is exactly the point we are trying to make here at Picovico, when we say birthday videos are beautiful gifts. They are personal and they get to you.

Look at what Khloe tweeted about it.

Now, you may not have 26 million followers and that’s okay. Heck, you may not even have these kinds of video clips with you, that’s still fine. All you need is a right video making tool and one good idea.

Do you only have pictures of the past that you want to convert into a video? That’s perfectly fine.

Here, at Picovico, we provide a seamless application to turn your photos into a slideshow video, with few clicks of a button.

We have got several blogs to guide you step by step into helping you make a meaningful, yet personal birthday video. Plus, if you are short on ideas, we’ve got that covered too. All you need to do is be willing to put in little effort on your part.

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