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There is nothing like joy of sharing photographs online. Last night’s dinner, cousin’s birthday bash, parents dance-in together, or the band’s concert- don’t we share everything? And why not? One can tag friends and the moments, get comments from everywhere, envy few friends and make statement on the web-social world.

We intend to take this marvel experience to next level by introducing our video slideshow maker called Picovico. Picovico will help you convert your online photo albums into cool video with the music and effect of your choice. Whether it be your college farewell party or your office pizza break: they all can become your own video (How about that?).You can tag friends, choose the sound tracks, visual effects among others.

So, log into Facebook, and share your experience with Picovico – an online slideshow maker. Not only it will help you to enhance your creativity in your own photographs but also help you make compilation of favorite movies, sports stars, cars or clubs.

(How about your own photo shoot video.)

“They say a picture is worth thousand words. We assure you that your video would be worth million words ”

[ Introducing the new kid in the town of facebook. The kid is looking for friends!! The friends who have picture!! The pictures which means them a lot!! A lot, yes lot so that they can make video from  them! The video in your facebook!! just few clicks away!! Away: Not exactly]

Buckle up yourself to create some really cool slideshow videos with music via Picovico web app.

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