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Christmas video maker

Merry Christmas folks! We are back to this wonderful time of the year when we reconnect with our family and celebrate love, grace and the tradition of giving and receiving gifts. We send out millions of greetings to our loved ones giving the message of faith, love and warmth. Christmas is always followed by countless special memories that we build year after year.

It’s always an awesome feeling when we get to relive our memories. And, what better way to do it than through videos. So, let’s create a video to share each one of them. Or how about sending a christmas video greeting to your loved ones to convey the festivity of christmas. In fact, christmas video greetings are much superior than static graphics and text because they help you express better by letting your personality reflect in your christmas messages.

And to help you create your perfect christmas video, we released a dazzling video style, Carol, this holiday season. Carol perfectly captures the spirit of Christmas and lets you create beautiful video slideshows as well as greetings with your Christmas photos.

That’s not it. We also have three more awesome video styles, Christmas snowfall with a charming falling snow winter effect, Merry Christmas with a warm indoor theme and Winter Joy with a cool winter scenery style, all of which are elegant, festive and easy to create. Browse all the styles here.

Create a perfect christmas video this holiday with Picovico wishing a merry and bright Christmas, or as a means to share and recap your Christmas memories with your dear ones.

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