We all are so much in love with our smartphones and social media that we practically spend our day with it. All the updates regarding our day goes on either Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram.

instagram new features

Social media platforms these days are giving added priority to videos; the biggest digital trend.Talking about instagram, originally launched as a photo sharing app, it adopted video sharing to its features (in 2013) to plunge into the video sector. And as every business is looking to move forward and provide more to its customers; Instagram has added new features in 2016 for its users.

New features introduced by Instagram:

Extended 60 Second Video
In 2013, Instagram launched its video feature to share a 15 second video on instagram, which has now been upgraded to a 60 second time frame. Other social medias allow shorter video sharing – Vine 6 seconds,Snapchat 10 seconds and Twitter 30 seconds videos. Instagram has extended its video time frame as its users have spent a whopping 40% more time on videos as compared to photos.

Multi-Clip Video
Now users no longer need to get a different app to get a multi-clip video, it all possible within Instagram itself. Instagram has come up with a multi-clip video feature catering to the users who don’t want to stick a single long video. This feature will only be available on the iOS version of the app and is rolling out in an update this week.

Press-and-Hold Viewing
We all remember when we had to open every single picture in our own or other’s profile before reaching the intended photo. Well Instagram now has a press-and-hold view. It allows the users to press and hold on the photo in the profile’s grid view to see it instead of opening a new page.

Also, push the photo to like, comment or send as a message.

Easy ways brands can get the most out of the Video Upgrade

Different Video Lengths
Yes, Instagram has given you four times extention on the video sharing time; doesn’t mean you start streaming 60 second videos. Followers could be bailing out on you as they are currently used to photos and 15 second videos. Test different video lengths to find the “sweet-spot”. Put out videos with varied lengths to know the most favoured one. start posting accordingly

A Call to Action
A Call to action button has always been a great way to drive engagement on any platform. The same goes for Instagram. With the 60 second upgrade, brands can comfortably incorporate a call to action without losing content unlike before with the 15 second videos. Now there is more flexibility on longer content as well as a call to action at the end.

Time to Tell Your Brand’s Story
With the 15 second videos there was a time crunch. It didn’t leave much space for brands to weave a story along with marketing in a single video. With the 60 second video, you get  more time to tell your story and connect with viewers.

Video is gaining preference in all platforms. Get your cameras, smart phones out and start shooting and sharing videos. And the people facing difficulties in shooting a video or editing one can look to an online photo to video slideshow maker with music – Picovico. Create stunning slideshow videos with minimal to no editing skills and within minutes with Picovico.

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