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Missed someone’s birthday lately? A close friend? Girl friend? (Ooh! That’s not gonna go well). Anyway, it’s not completely out of ordinary to forget making birthday wishes. We are busy people in the busy world, but that’s not enough of an excuse, and you’ll still have to make it up to the birthday person (if you care about maintaining your relationship with that person).


And that’s exactly where we come in. Here, we are listing out some belated birthday wishing ideas.

If the first few are too orthodox, worry not, we have got some unorthodox ideas in store for you.

Time to Break the Bank

Special Case Scenario: specifically for girlfriends and wives (implying that guys won’t get as mad). Rest of your world probably won’t get as mad for forgetting their birthdays.

Do understand that breaking the bank is only a figure of speech, and you won’t really need to do so. But it doesn’t hurt to get your better half something nice. Well, you MUST. Jewelry usually does the trick for women. And, with the price of gadgets these days, that would always be counted as a nice gesture.
Ladies, if you have missed your boyfriend’s birthday, get him a PS4 or even just DVDs of the games and even that would do the trick.

Romantic Vacation (if you’ve missed your lover’s birthday)

This would work for both birthday boy/girl. You have already missed the birthday, now the wise thing to do is own your mistake and make amends for it. In this case, amends is best made in exotic locations where you get lot of quality time together. Happiness all round guaranteed, but once again your bank balance is going to suffer.

Find that Impossible Gift

One sure shot to make up for your bad memory is to find that impossible gift. Okay, not literally impossible. But you know those gifts which aren’t available in your particular location or something along those lines. Maybe your friend wants that book which isn’t available in your country. Now, this means you are gonna have to make some phone calls. But, if you manage to pull off getting that perfect gift, regardless of who the birthday person is, they are not gonna stay mad at you anymore.

Unorthodox Belated Birthday Wish Ideas

We admit, the list above is too traditional, and something everyone’s been reading in magazines for years.

That is why, we have a couple of unusual belated birthday wish ideas. These are free, or might cost a little, but will make a handy birthday wish.

The Art of being Articulate

Poetry is beautiful, and regardless of who the person is, they cannot just ignore articulate verbal affection directed towards them. Now, if you can write poems on your own, even better, if not, you can always find someone to come up with right words for your friend.

Or, you could press few keys on your laptop and steal lines from here and there to make up a perfect birthday wish.

Make a Belated Birthday Wish Video

You don’t need telling the power of video in this modern day and age. Videos bring that personal feel and somehow simple birthday wish becomes so much more meaningful.

No, you don’t need to hire a videographer or be some kind of video design expert to make an attractive and meaningful birthday wish video.

Online tools allow you to easily create videos. You could just have a bunch of pictures, and you could still make a brilliant belated birthday wish video.

Picovico is one platform that lets you do just that.

Basically, all you have to do is upload a bunch of pictures of yourself holding different H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y placards. There are plenty of other ideas you can look into while creating a birthday wish video. Maybe few tips from this link will be helpful to you. 9 Tips for Birthday Slideshow Videos

If you are completely new to the video making game, we have got detailed instructions dedicated for you. Check out How to make Birthday Video with Picovico.

P.s. We kinda forgot about Kendall’s birthday yesterday. Oops! But, we have created a belated birthday wish video for her. And, it only took about 5 mins, tops. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Create a Birthday Wish Video Now

Need other birthday wishes and celebration ideas, we’ve got lots of blogs with different suggestions for different people. Go through couple of links mentioned below.

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