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Birthday Videos are the hot trend at the moment with even facebook offering timeline and recap video during birthdays.

how to make birthday video for friend?

Coming up with new ways to wish “Happy Birthday” to a friend isn’t always easy. Over the years, you lose out on finding unique ways to wish them.

And if it wasn’t for facebook, we probably wouldn’t remember even half (or even 5) of our friend’s birthday. I know I wouldn’t (sigh).

The popular trend of birthday videos isn’t that hard to make. Actually, it’s remarkably easy and you don’t need to be a tech savvy either.

But, doing it right is what’s important. And that is exactly what we are going to discuss in this post, everything from tutorial on making a birthday video to catchy birthday quotes and wishes, video theme ideas and anything else you might need.

First Step

You need a birthday video maker, and Picovico is a WIN-WIN both in terms of ease of use and affordability. You can easily sign up for Picovico account for free or login with your Facebook account.

Once you’re logged in, the steps followed are really simple.

All you need to do is add pictures, captions, top it off with suitable music, and that’s it! Yes, it’s actually that simple. You can have your birthday video within the matter of minutes. So, don’t just write a plain Happy Birthday on your friend’s facebook timeline, instead, share some amazing birthday video.

For detailed instructions on how to prepare a birthday video, follow this link. How to make a birthday video with Picovico?

You know how to make a birthday video now, but that’s not entirely enough.

Birthday Slideshow Video Ideas

There are wide range of story ideas you can venture into while creating birthday videos. If you’re trying to wish a quick happy birthday to your friend through videos, you could share personal stories through photo compilation into a video.

For detailed information regarding birthday slideshow video ideas, visit this link. 9 Tips for Birthday Slideshow Videos.

What to Write?

It’s your friend’s birthday, you can’t simply say Happy Birthday, that’s something strangers on facebook would write.

Now, you have to keep in mind that different people have different personality. It’s for you to decide whether your friend would like the sweet Happy Birthday wish or something funny and witty.

Here, we have prepared a brief list of witty one liners to wish your friend’s birthday.

  • Happy Birthday! May your facebook wall be filled with people you never talk to.
  • Cheers on your birthday. One step closer to adult underpants.
  • There were a lot of famous people born on your birthday. Too bad you aren’t one. May you grow wiser this year. Happy Birthday!!!
  • Don’t worry, I am right here by your side to help you mourn the death of your youth. Happy Birthday!!
  • So far, this is the oldest you’ve ever been. Happy Birthday.
  • I almost sent you a real birthday card. But thankfully, my internet connection came back. Happy Birthday.

Some sweet wishes, if that’s what you think your friend would prefer.

  • Wishing you many more candles to come. Happy Birthday!
  • Wishing you a birthday that is real special like you.
  • Your presence in my life makes every day of my life warm and fuzzy. Happy birthday to my sunshine.
  • I hope you get everything you want in life. Happy Birthday.
  • You are like a fine wine, age makes you better. Happy Birthday!!


You have learned about how to create a birthday video. You know what to write, and you have looked into ideas on how to create the birthday video. All you need to do now is actually make one.

Also, friendship is all about understanding, sarcasm and everything cruel (sweet, I mean sweet!).

Additional Tip:

Birthday videos can be amazingly full of life, especially with the right set of pictures, captions and music. And if it’s your best friend’s birthday, you have a completely uncharted territory ahead of you. Collect the weirdest pictures of your best friend and make it into a slideshow video. Do not hesitate to embarrass them, as a best friend, you have every right to do so.

However, it would be nice to end the video in a positive note, just to let them know how special he/she is.

Create Your Birthday Video Now

Feel like you have learned something new? Share the birthday video you made with us on our Facebook or Twitter page. Do you have other interesting ideas about what to write on the videos? Let us know in the comments below.

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