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Asking this question is pretty much asking the age old question, “How to be successful in Real Estate?”

how to make viral real estate video

Real Estate is a tough business. While media and hollywood has portrayed it as an unimaginably lucrative business, it’s not entirely true. There are realtors who cash in millions of dollars every year but there are also those who need to work second jobs to make the ends meet.

So, what are the successful realtors doing differently?

They are marketing themselves better than everyone. Be it word of mouth or flyers or marketing videos, they are doing it differently and better than all their competitors. As a result, they sell the most houses and gain most commissions.

Let’s forget about everything else for the moment and only concentrate on the video marketing for Real Estate. It doesn’t matter if you represent your firm or you’re an individual broker, video marketing is a must in today’s business world.

But how to, actually, make a video?

Just because you are a smooth talker and good at closing doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the technical skills required. Now, you have two choices. You could spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to hire pretentious professionals to create a video for you, or you could take it upon your hands.

Don’t worry! We are not suggesting that you go to night school to learn video editing. We have the perfect video making tool for you, Picovico. If you know how to use a computer, you can use Picovico.

Pros of using Picovico over hiring videographers

  • Hiring videographers is expensive. Actually it’s not even a comparison. Picovico’s Pro Plan (check out our Pricing) costs $28 per month while even an amateur will charge you by the hundreds for a single video and that’s not including the cost of production.
  • You will be charged per video with the videographers while Picovico lets you create up to a whooping 100 videos every month.
  • Picovico will take about 5 mins of getting used after which you will be able to create videos seamlessly. On the other hand, you will be spending days and weeks trying to get a single video done with your *professional*.
  • In short, Picovico saves you both time and money.

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Step by Step Procedure on Making a Video

Login to

Gather the Photos and Video Clips you want to use. Let’s say you are making a video ad about a certain real estate property (a bungalow, perhaps). All you need to do is take as many appealing pictures and video clips you can and filter out the best ones to be included in the video.

Select Style. You will need to select a style at the beginning of your video making process. For Real estate videos, we suggest that you use styles like Frameless, Circle, but you are free to use any other style that you think would be appropriate for the video.

Upload Media files. Now upload the photos and video clips onto the Picovico workspace. You can also upload your music on the work space. We suggest that you use free or commercially usable music as you will be using the video for branding and advertising purposes.

Preview and Finalize. You can preview how your video will look like and then you can either go back to editing or finalize the video. You will then be allowed to add title and description to your video.

Save and Share. Once the video is done you can download it and upload it to any platform of your choosing. Or, you can also share it directly from the Picovico video page.

Here’s a sample video.

We made this video with freely available stock photos and it still looks so attractive and appealing. Just imagine how creative you can be while making a real video.

What is Viral Real Estate Video?

Any video that is watched and shared by a large quantity of people can be considered a viral video.

How to make your real estate video go viral?

You can’t just spray and pray that your video goes viral. Meaning, you have to carefully create a story for your video and market it well for a good number of people to watch it.

Here are some tips.

  • Know your target audience and craft your video to feed their needs. You don’t care if a 14 year old will find your video funny. Since they are not going to be able to afford the property you are trying to sell, it doesn’t matter what anyone outside your target audience thinks.
  • Make full use of the social media. Simply uploading your video on youtube or facebook isn’t enough. You might need to subscribe for paid promotion as it gives you maximum exposure. If your video is quality enough to compel people to do business with you, the money you spend on video promotion will be nothing but chump change.
  • Make your video memorable. If your audience can remember the video, they are most likely to contact you when they wanna do some business.
  • Include a CTA in your video. Your audience loves your video, now what? This is where the CTA comes in. Link the video back to your website or leave a phone number so that they know who to contact or what to do.

Now, you know how to make a video and also know the basics on how to make a real estate video go viral.

You can use Picovico to create all kinds of real estate videos, whether it is a brand video advertising yourself, ad about a particular real estate property you are looking to sell and so forth. With 100 videos available with the Pro account, the possibilities are virtually endless.


While you can make videos on Picovico for free, we suggest that you opt for our Pro plan which lets you create FHD videos, allows you to put CTA, white label videos and a ton of other features.

Head to picovico, login and start creating. If you have any queries or want any help regarding making your own real estate video, feel free to write to us at

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