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Birthdays are and will always be the king of our milestone celebrations. People have and will always try to get the best and most creative things as a birthday gift for their loved ones on this day. But how long has it been since you have given the birthday boy/girl a proper gift and not fallen for the saving grace of gifts like cards, flowers, soft toys or dinner date? The answer to that we can guess would be a long while.

Do you wish you could get them something better? A personalized gift that you made by yourself with only them in mind?

Well, there are a lot of things you didn’t know could make an amazing birthday gift. We have listed a few feel free to check them out, pick one and surprise a loved one on their birthday.

All the gifts listed below are not only easy to get your hands but they also make add a personalized touch making these gifts a very special one.  

  • Experiences

    Experiences make for a great birthday gift. Get them out of the house and make for a great memory as a gift for your loved one on their birthday.
    The key to getting this just right is paying attention to detail.
    You only need to keep your ears open. You can listen to what they are saying themselves or listen to their social media. Giving them something to tick off their bucket-list a huge surprise for a person.

  • Think beyond a DIY Birthday Greeting

    In this world and age where everyone is pretty much always attached to their phone, this would be a great gift. A DIY gift made on something you always have with you – your phone or your laptop. A gift of memories that pull together a gift your loved did not even think of – a video gift. 

    Here is how you can make one for yourself.

  • A Day Off

    A day off is something everybody wants and yet cannot seem to get for themselves. Now you can give that to your loved ones by pulling some strings and giving them a day off. Get their work sorted, get a leave filled in for them and let the pampering begin.
    The best part you do not need to do anything by yourself. You can get a spa and a massage done right at their place followed by a quick manicure pedicure session. And while the birthday boy/girl is getting ready you can have a chef right at your home cooking a gourmet meal for you.

Birthday Gifts are as difficult as we make it out to be. You just need to keep an open mind and an open ear and you will have the best perfect gift.

What do you think of our suggestions? I am sure you will at least use one of our suggestions at one time or all at the same time for an even bigger surprise. Tell us what you think of these slightly unusual birthday gift ideas in the comment section below.

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