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A birthday is coming up and nothing but excitement runs in the air. Excitement runs high whether it is your birthday or someone you love. There is a lot that is going on the day someone has their birthday from birthday cake to giving and receiving gifts to decorations to planning a perfect birthday party to inviting people to making the party the best one.

Among the many things that go into making that birthday party the most awesome birthday party is the birthday invites. People are getting more and more innovative on how they invite people along with the themes and gifts. So why not stand out with sending out video invites.

Videos not only make an unique birthday gift but also an unique way to invite people to your party. Not only are they terribly easy to make, video invites can be made in bulk in a short period of time and sent out as easily as they are made. This is all an easy process with Picovico.

Here are the few steps you need to create your video invites.

  • Styles
    The first step after you have started a video project on Picovico, is to select a style from the Style Library. You will see all the Birthday styles. We will recommend – Album (Birthday), Birthday Delight, Flicker for the stylish invites. If you are looking for a simpler option be sure to pick among Spark and Frameless.
  • All the Details
    Next you pick out your favorite pictures and video clips. The pictures and videos you pick out can be hilariously funny, cheesy or utterly cute ones. Next you create an order you want the invitees to see. Next you put in the invitation messages and the information like the date, the time and the venue of the party. You can do this in two ways, first you add the details on picture slide as a caption, Second you choose to have a text slide among your photo/video clip.
  • Set the Tone
    Next step before you hit the create button is selecting the music. The music must be in tune with the pictures and caption. The music you choose creates a mood for your pictures, video clips and texts so choose your music wisely.
    We have a library of music clips to choose from but you can also get the music from Youtube’s Audio Library.
  • Your Final Stop
    The final step of creating your invitation video is hitting the Create button. Just a few minutes worth if wait and your invitation video is ready to sent to the invitees.
  • Making Copies
    You will be calling more than one guest and hence send out more than one invite. You cannot be making the same template over and over again. You can make copies of your invitation video by simply clicking on the three dots or the setting option available on every video you have created. Click the the edit video option which will automatically create a new video for you. You now simply need to change the names of the guest and you are good to go.
  • Sending Your Invites
    There are more than one ways you can start sending out your video invites to the guests on your list. First you can send out the videos invites you created on their social media right from Picovico on Twitter and/or Facebook.
    Another way to send your video invites is by downloading it. You can either send it in an email or put it in an flash-drive and post it over.

Irrespective of the fact that you are having a big or a small birthday party you always have guests you call over. Now you can always call if there are a few people but what about making calls to more than 10 people. Gets hectic doesn’t it?

You have a simpler option of sending out fun invites with us. Send simple to make, fun to watch video invites to all the people on your guest list with Picovico.

Tell us your favorite theme you would make a birthday video invite on, in the comments below.


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