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I remember how my grandma used to love going over photo albums. Once or twice, she would also get teary eyed looking back at her young self. Other times, she would laugh uncontrollably looking at my baby pictures.

That’s exactly where I got the idea to make anniversary videos for gifts. Hardly anyone collects photos on photo albums or scrap books anymore. If you do have old photos from your parents’ days, you might want to digitize those old printed photos sooner rather than later.

The whole idea behind anniversary videos is to immortalize the past memories. There are various ways you can go about making an anniversary video. Most of the suggestions you receive will tell you to hire a professional. But, that will be incredibly costly. That’s why, we have got both cost effective, and easy DIY solution for you.

Create a Slideshow Video for Anniversary

Whether you’re creating a anniversary video for your other half, or your parents, the point is, you can do it on your own. It’s basically a photo montage made much much attractive with the additions of text and music. But the best part is that you don’t need to be tech savvy and the whole process doesn’t require you learning to use any fancy software.

All you need to do is upload all your photos onto the web application, put some captions, upload some music, and sit back in your comfortable chair. Your video should be ready, within literally minutes.

P.s. You will need to login before you can get started. Login here.

Anniversary Video Ideas

You are logged in to the web application. You have the photos ready. What now? Have you decided on what sort of story you want to create? Well, you should. Randomly throwing in photos won’t give you the results you are hoping for. Here are Top 5 Video Ideas to make your Anniversary Special.

Choose your Style

The first thing you will need to do after logging in is choosing your video style. Well, you could choose almost any theme to make your video. But, the story you’re trying to create will be largely affected by the video style you choose. Just imagine having Christmas lights pop up in your anniversary video. Not really the best choice, is it?

So, here we have some of the best themes that can be suitable for your anniversary video.

Valentine’s Day




Cool Vibes

All of which can be found here.

Suitable Music

Next thing you need is suitable music. You can pretty much use any music you want if you’re only creating your anniversary video for personal uses. But, if you think you might use the video for other uses in future, or you don’t want to use mainstream music, here are some sites where you can find free music. Also, there are plenty of other options on YouTube.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Just don’t forget to add witty captions to give more meaning to the video.

Watch this video to learn how to effectively create your anniversary slideshow video with Picovico.

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