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A year of screaming, kicking, pooping, crying and sleeping has gone by quicker than you thought didn’t it? Your baby is now a year old and you want nothing more than to celebrate the day your little angel entered your lives. A party is in order, you need to think of a theme and plan the party, the decorations and the send out invites to all the guests you have in mind.

You have so much to do while you are looking after your work, baby and the family. So we are here to take one load off of your shoulders on planning your baby’s first birthday – birthday invites.

At Picovico you will find many themes in our theme library to make yourself a birthday video, you will also find themes specific to make birthday invitation videos for your baby’s first birthday.
Here is how you can easily make video invitations for your baby in just a few minutes. Before you can start creating these videos, you need to have or create an account on Picovico.

  • Sign into Picovico
    Right after you sign into Picovico, you get to our dashboard. Click the little Create button in the Dashboard and you will be taken to the styles page.
  • Style it Up
    Select a style from the Style Library. We would suggest – Neonate Girl, Neonate Boy, Birthday Delight and Birthday Album.
  • Your Best Picks
    It’s now the time to choose your favorite pictures and video clips you have of your little one. You can pick out cute and funny ones that make your guests go Awww.
  • Attention to Detail
    Next you put in the invitation messages and the party information like the date, the time and the venue of the party. You can do this on the picture slide as a caption or you can choose to have a text slide among your photo/video clip slides.
  • Play it Right
    The final step before you create your invitation video is selecting the music to accompany your pictures and caption. Choosing the correct music to play along to your invitation is a key factor as the music creates a mood for your pictures, video clips and texts.
    We provide a library of music clips to choose from but you can also get the music from Youtube’s Audio Library.
  • Your Final Stop
    Lastly you hit the Create button and how you wait as your cute little invitations are in the making.
  • Copies
    You will send out more than one invites, and you cannot be making the same template over and over again. So to make copies of your invitation video you simply click on the the three dots or the setting option available on every video you have created. Click the the edit video option which will automatically create a new video for you. Change the names of the guest and send it off.
  • Sending Your Invites
    Send out the videos invites you created on their social media right from Picovico on Twitter or Facebook.
    Another way to send your video invites is by downloading it. You can either send it in an email or put it in an flash-drive and post it over.

Everybody wants their baby’s first birthday to be a memorable one, so will you. There are a lot of things to plan and implement. Now you can take some of the stress off of the party, you can plan out the party as you simultaneously create and send out your party invites to the guests.

Have you thought of using videos as invitations for your baby’s birthday party?

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