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It’s quite surprising how businesses and marketers still haven’t started video-marketing. And right in the mix of them are photographers.

video marketing for photographers

Photographers, like any other professionals, are always looking for ways to expand their business.

In the generation where almost every kid with a DSLR thinks himself to be a photographer, the business isn’t exactly easy for photographers who are actually passionate about their trade.

While internet marketing is the best form of reaching out to the potential customers at present, it usually takes months to build reach with SEO.

Recent stats show that uncharted territory of video marketing is the best way for photographers to rank their websites higher in Search Engines, which automatically boosts their business.

With a tool like Picovico, it’s incredibly easy to turn your photos into video even without any technical knowledge.

Once you have made the video, here’s what you can do to rank higher in search engines.

#1 Upload Your Videos on Youtube and Other Video sharing Platforms

Youtube is the second largest search engine on the Internet. There is a high chance that your videos show up in Youtube Searches, Google Video Results, and Google Organic Search Results once you upload it on youtube with proper descriptions.

With billions of searches every month, there are still plenty of opportunities for a photography video. And, with right selection of keywords and right content, your ranking in search engines should elevate pretty soon.

Draw out a list of high ranking keywords, and try to create a video for each keyword on your list. And do not forget to add keywords in the title, description, closed captions, and in the audio wherever possible.
If you’re an expert on how to create and manipulate your video contents based on the high ranking keywords, then great, but if not, you are going to benefit plenty by checking out this. Step-by-Step Video SEO Guide for Youtube SEO.

Apart from YouTube, you can also upload your videos on other video sharing platforms such as Vimeo, Metacafe and DailyMotion. This will further expand your online presence. Although the reach might not be as good as on Youtube, you can still attract visitors with the same SEO optimization technique used for Youtube.

#2 Understand the Power of Words

Youtube and Facebook automatically creates a closed captioning for your video by listening to the texts or words used in the audio of your video via an automated process. These words are what defines the ranking of your videos.

This means you should also upload your narrated recording about the topics and words you want to rank for. You might not be able to do this for every video, but take your time and try to include important keywords into the audio of your video.

Picovico allows you to add a voice recording clip to your video. Simply select the audio file when you’re asked to choose music.

Also, an even better way to rank higher in search engine with your video is to manually submit a transcript file. This also ensures the accuracy of the closed captions.

#3 Call to Action

Somebody just watched your video, what’s next? If someone just made it through to the end of your video, this means you have their devoted attention.

You want your viewers to hire you for photography projects? Now’s the time to let them know. Also, you can ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel, leave a comment, or share the video. This will enhance your online presence and build a rep on the internet.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to brainstorm too hard about how and where to include the CTA button. Picovico allows you to put-in a CTA button at the end of every video, for which you’ll have to Upgrade your standard picovico account to Premium or Pro Picovico account.

Upgrade to Pro or Premium Plan

#4 Social Sharing

You have created an amazing video and you have followed all of the steps mentioned above, now something you absolutely cannot afford to miss is Social Sharing. As soon as you’re done creating a video using Picovico, you can directly export it to your Facebook or YouTube account without downloading it.

Also, there are plenty of platforms where you can share your video directly from Picovico such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and many more.

Sharing helps you build further social reach. Utilizing social media platform to share your video contents is a brilliant way to boost the number of visitors in your blog and increase conversion.

Properly following these steps will definitely help you achieve your goal of ranking higher in search engines in no time. Picovico provides an unbelievably easy platform for you to turn pictures into video. The steps are quick and easy.

Challenge yourself and create unique slideshow videos for different keywords with Picovico. Let us know how the results pan out on the comments below or on our Facebook Page and Twitter page.

Create a video with Picovico

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