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Happy Valentine's Day

The season of love is finally here. You shouldn’t wait for February to let your loved ones feel special though. But, it doesn’t hurt making those special people around you feel extra special on this day.

Valentine’s day is all about love and celebrating love with your special someone. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your lover either. As long as you have love in your heart, valentine’s day is yours to celebrate.

What are your plans? Doing something special for someone? Do let us know in the comments. We would love to be the part of your happiness.

And we would like to chip in too. Have you made a valentine day video for that amazing person that brightens every day in your life? Well, you should. Greeting cards are too traditional, and E-cards are out of fashion. You certainly haven’t written a love letter, but guess what
“A romantic video is a modern day love letter”. The recipient of this modern day love letter is going to feel out of this world.
Try making your Valentine Video with Picovico. You have a wide range of video styles to choose from and you can add texts and music of your choice to create the video you desire.

For those of you who are single this valentine, you can make valentine videos for your mom, best friend, or you could even make one for your pet.

This day is all about sharing the love, and it really doesn’t matter who your recipient is.

We, at Picovico, would like to wish you, our users a Happy Valentine’s Day. As our gesture of love and appreciation, we would like to offer 20% discount on all our plans. Consider this a small gift from our side. *winks*

Hope you make lots of amazing videos for your loved ones and have an amazing Valentine.

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