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Thank you is a simple yet meaningful gesture. It invokes all the right emotions. But, we are not nearly as grateful as we should be to the people that brighten our lives. How about taking that into perspective this thanksgiving?

Saying thank you over the phone is too simple, and sending out a Thank You card might have been tad bit old fashioned for this day and age. That’s exactly what Picovico is here for.

How about this holiday, say thank you the Picovico way.

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Using the Power of Video this Thanksgiving.

Family, friends, food, and football. Thanksgiving is all about the fun with our loved ones. And, while everything doesn’t necessarily go according to the plan, we still manage to come out merrier.

And that’s what thanksgiving is all about, isn’t it?

Each one of us have plenty to be thankful for this year. For all the highs and lows that tried to knock us down but in fact made us stronger.

We, at Picovico, are so very grateful for the immense love and support we have received this past year. We would like to heartily Thank You very much for being with us, and we promise to give out new and awesome features in coming days.

And, as a part of our thank you gesture, we have organized a massive sale, wherein you get 20% discount on all paid subscriptions.

And there’s more. Check our website on the Black Friday; you’re in for a treat.

To express our gratefulness for Thanksgiving 2016, we are offering 20% off on all our pricing plans. Use premium coupon code: THANKSPV to upgrade your account.

Say Thank You with a Video

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