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2017 was an awesome year so far. Like you, we too have gone through many rise and falls and numerous product updates. Looking back to the year, we see some incredible achievement that gives us joy while we share this with you.

Below are some of the major highlights of 2017 at Picovico.

  1.       Launched Picovico 3.0
  2.       Square and Vertical videos released
  3.       Audio Overlay feature added
  4.       Picovico Stories went live
  5.       Facebook Cover Video made public
  6.       Many new styles included
  7.     Exclusive deal – Lifetime susbcription

Here’s a summary video, have a look:

You must also have made some unforgettable memories this year. No matter how better or worse the year has treated you, mold them into a long-lasting storage with videos and share it with family and friends.

Make your ‘Year in Review’ Video

There’s a wrap up sale going on at Picovico. Take the advantage and enjoy the lifetime video making experience at a minimal cost of $79.99. Details to follow.

We wish you a happy, healthy and hearty New Year.

We’d be glad to hear about your ideas for the upcoming year or maybe some New Year resolutions you’re planning for, in the comment section below.

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