A father’s love matter as much to a child as the mother’s care does. We may call him dad, or old man, or simply father… we may call him by any name in our own dialects, and they all signify the special place he holds in our lives. He can be a daughter’s best buddy and a son’s real life hero. A mother’s care is always protective. She wants us to be forever careful for our own good. But a father’s care can be found to be quite the opposite. He wants us to try new things out, explore, learn by doing… and even if we fall, he will be right there to hold us up, and encourage us to try it out again.

Yes, a father may have flaws, like every human being does. But remember the time he was there holding the cycle while we tried our best to pedal is straight? Remember how he made us learn to respect our elders and to love and care for our friends and siblings? Remember how he would look out for us if someone was bullying us in the neighborhoods? And how he taught us to be able to stand on our own? We all have these special memories of our dads that make us smile time and again, that make us hold our heads high in pride, that can make us say that our dad is our hero.

Let us all show our gratitude to our dad on this father’s day. Let us thank him for the being the person that he is, for being the one who complete our families.
Happy Father’s Day!

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