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We live our life online. We spent most of our day on the Facebook be it for work, entertainment, studies or just to keep up with what our friends are doing. Besides this, Facebook also give us notifications reminding us of our friends birthdays which may slip our minds.

Sending out a “Happy Birthday Friend” on their wall is just sad. Would you even remember or reply to that? Going a little out of your way to make their birthday post a memorable one doesn’t hurt nor takes much time. Additionally, it makes them feel loved and special.

Now, there are many things you can post on your loved one’s Facebook – be it your sister’s, brother’s, parent’s, children’s, friend’s or your significant other’s birthday. You can also make it cute, romantic or plain funny all you need to do is be original and customize it.

    • Facebook Status
      I know I just mentioned to not make a boring Facebook Status post, yet it is my first suggestion. Because your words are your best friend in wishing your loved one a Happy Birthday. Just spend a few more minutes crafting a nifty couple of sentences.

      It can be you reminding them of a promise you made to each other years ago or a secret code that only the two or you can crack. Heck, it could also be a funny little incident that you want to remind them of. Anything that will fill their birthday with smiles and happiness.

    • Pictures
      Not everyone is a wordsmith and the is why they say “A picture can speak a thousand words”. Choose a picture that is close to your heart that you know the birthday person will absolutely adore. Find the picture, maybe edit it with a short message on top make it a digital personalised card and Viola you have a great Birthday Greeting you can post on their wall when the clock strikes twelve.
    • Blog/Vlog
      A popular way of expressing our feelings, blogs or vlogs are another great way of wishing someone a very Happy Birthday. You can simply record your message on camera or pen it all down on your personal blog site and post it on their Facebook as a birthday greeting. In case of a vlog, post it on their wall as a video.
    • Videos
      Videos are hands down the best ideas to post on their Facebook for their birthday. It can be a video of the two of you doing something or a slideshow video of the memories you have collected over the time. Make a small video out of it and light up their day.
      Some ideas you can implement are having people you love talk about the birthday boy/girl, playcard video, a birthday greeting with the pets among others.
    • Video Cards
      Another idea you can implement is that of a video card. A generic card, handmade card and an e-card are all things of the past, now people prefer video cards. Make a small video card out of your photo and video clips to make it the best personal birthday greeting.
    • Memory Lane
      The last amazing birthday post idea we suggest is making a memory lane post. This birthday post could be an album of pictures since the first day you met or a short video of your pictures, video clips and your thoughts on that person.

I know making videos has been mentioned over and over on our ideas. If you do know how to make and edit videos well and fine but in case you are among the many people who don’t, then simply Picovico. You can make any of the video ideas mentioned above in few simple steps.

Posting a generic Happy Birthday Post is so meh. Make it interesting and it will not even take 10 hours off your day to come up with an interesting post idea you can implement to post on your loved one’s Facebook page.

Which idea would you choose to wish your loved one a very Happy Birthday?

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