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Videos have been the dawn of the new era in marketing scenario. They offer a visually delightful insight into your work. Since videos jell nicely with audiences, they are now a must have aspect of the marketing strategy. For an industry like real estate that constantly rely on visuals, videos are indispensable. Videos capture and project the essence of a home/property and highlight its features at the same time in real estate marketing.

video styles for realtors

In our previous blogs, we have already mentioned how to make a star real estate video and the importance of promoting them. Now we are going to draw a list of video styles that we think would be perfect to showcase the homes and properties; since Picovico – an online slideshow video maker is home to amazing video styles.

Here are a few hand-picked video styles that we think are perfect for realtors.

1. Blinds (Standard/Elegant)

Blinds is one of our video styles that is perfect for professional use. It is a curtain inspired video style that unfolds the pictures in a random pattern from all direction. The style reflects warmth with the soft coloured overlay on every photo while it unfolds before your eyes. The captions are neatly lined on the bottom over a white ribbon to provide every information you wish to convey.

Give the home buyers a sneak peak into the home/property with the Blinds style.

2. Vanilla (Standard/Elegant)

Vanilla is simple video style that is versatile enough to fit all purposes. Since the images of the beautiful properties deserve all the limelight, we would like to recommend Vanilla for real estate videos as this style centres purely around your images. The semi-transparent black caption overlay gives information in a neat and clinical fashion.

Vanilla is a go-to video style to represent the homes in all its elegant glory.  

3. Frameless (Standard/Elegant)

Frameless is a simple yet tasteful video style. This video style comes without frames and the soft, refined transitions add a touch of sophisticated aura. Get the best out of Frameless with High Definition [HD] pictures in 16:9 image ratio.  Frameless is a natural pick for realtors as it allows the pictures to outshine the background and not be obscured by it.

These are the three awesome video styles that we recommend for any real estate video marketing necessities. Realtors or anyone with standard Picovico account can use these video styles – meaning it’s free!

We hope the features of our recommended styles inspire you to start your real estate marketing campaign with us. Sign up to get started now!

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